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Big News! A Note From Ann & Adam

BIG NEWS! Please read about the joyful acquisition of Spiral - Adam and I have sold The Spiral Bookcase to (prior shop manager) Victoria and her partner Jordan! <3

Once upon a time, a magical bookstore opened in 2010 within the small, charming neighborhood of Manayunk. We called it The Spiral Bookcase. What transpired over the next ten years was a beautiful tale of love, determination, inclusion, friendship, challenges, warmth, bookstore cats, kindred spirits, and of course many many tales that were shared with great fervor and delight. A wealth of stories and experiences that I hold close to my heart.

Now it’s time to start a delightful new chapter at Spiral as we enter into our second decade in business. I have some very joyful news to share. Adam and I sold The Spiral Bookcase to my shop manager Victoria and her partner Jordan. Many of you already know Victoria as the leader and operator of Spiral, which makes this wonderful news even easier to share. When Jordan and Victoria talked to Adam and I regarding their interest in purchasing and growing Spiral, my heart swelled up; I knew this was to be.

When I first began Spiral, I didn’t think that anyone would love it as deeply or as meaningfully as me, and then Victoria walked through the door. Over the past three years, she has poured her heart and soul into making Spiral a success and has grown it in many different ways - from her book selection to gift selection, her curated events, her leadership as a manager, her top-notch customer service, and her ability to draw the best out of Spiral and share this with others. Let me clearly say - I truly believe that Victoria and Jordan will succeed and grow Spiral in astounding ways, so that you will continue to have a cozy and warm magical gift and bookshop of your own in our little corner of Philadelphia.
The two important details you may be wondering about : 1) the shop will remain at 112 Cotton St to serve our neighborhood 2) there is no disruption of service - we worked together to insure a smooth transition - Victoria and Jordan have been functioning in their full capacity as owners over a week now.

Now, to express my personal gratitude and recognition and respect to the people who helped share my vision and who I will always consider bookstore family - well, this feels like impossibility. I will do my best.

I have a lifetime of memories with you, and know that I will never forget the exciting events, book chats, and good times we have shared. I wish I could name each and everyone of you - but if you have a memory of the shop, know that I have one too. Thank you so much for supporting the shop and helping me create a space that is enjoyable for all. I wish I could celebrate with you in person.
To my fearless booksellers - you all have shaped Spiral in your own way, and I have so appreciated what you all brought to the table. Thank you. Each of you are insanely creative, kind, and it’s been a joy to see you all grow over the years. I wish each of you continued success in your own ventures.

To the organizations that have held Spiral up and assisted us in so many ways - either through direct business support, collaborations, or sharing our efforts with the neighborhood - Thank you. Thank you to Friends of Pretzel Park, Manayunk Neighborhood Council, Manayunk Development Corporation, and the Manayunk Theatre Company.

To our local businesses - wow, I couldn’t have done what I did without you. The moral support, the encouragement, the constant brainstorming on how to make our businesses stronger and better. Thank you.
To our collaborators - the special individuals and organizations that helped us pull off and included us in exciting and vibrant events. I think of each of you fondly and with so much love - Thank you.

To you - what excitement is ahead! A new chapter for Spiral. A beautiful new beginning for you to share with us. Cheers to Victoria and Jordan! Cheers to Spiral!

Love, Ann, Adam, and Zelda