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Books for Green Witchcraft

There are many (endless, perhaps) paths and modes of witchcraft, all just as valid, powerful and magical as the last. This beautiful vastness is what makes the practice so attractive to many, but it can also make it difficult to take your first steps into it, or to narrow down what you're interested in. This blog series by bookseller and resident witch Victoria suggests books based off broader, more common paths of witchcraft to help you find your calling(s.)

This time, we'll be going over green witchcraft -- which can be broadly defined as any witchcraft that is primarily focused on plant and nature allies, with an emphasis on cultivating, using and honoring things like herbs within your practice. Green witchcraft can often look like brewing tinctures to aid with luck, growing rosemary to burn for protection, and ethically wildcrafting with plant friends in your region to honor the spirits and magic of the place. 

If you feel most at home with your hands in the soil, making herbal tea to aid maladies, or working closely with local plants to create magic of all kinds, green witchcraft may be of interest to you! Here's some books worth checking out:

The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hisock

Written by an experienced practitioner, this compact and beginner-friendly book covers the major aspects of green witchcraft, from ideas on how to use plants and flowers for everyday healing to directions for herbal blends. It also features ritual suggestions and information on communing with nature in an intuitive way. My favorite sections teach you how to make garden spell bags and a broom -- a fantastic ritual item for any witch. Available in hardcover for $16.99, shop here!

Plant Magic for the Beginner Witch by Ally Sands

For diving deeper into specific plants and working with them, this beginner-friendly title is an excellent option. It features easy but effective spells with everyday herbs (no hunting down something near-impossible to find!) and is divided into chapters on protection, love, abundance, healing and personal power. There's more than 70 spells included, allowing you to incorporate herb magic into just about every part of your life. Available in hardcover for $18.99, shop here!

Plant Witchery by Juliet Diaz

Penned by one of my favorite witchcraft authors, an Indigenous medicine woman and seer, this book is a deep dive into herbal medicine with an emphasis on cultivating a wilder connection with the ancient healing power of plants. With more than 200 plants cataloged and detailed within its pages, this book teaches you to work with, grow and care for a ton of different plants. It features spells for creating your own spells and tinctures, as well as astrological correspondences for the best time to work with each kind of plant. Though this book may be a bit dense for beginners looking for a simpler overview, it's an absolute treasure. Available in hardcover for $27.99, shop here.

Don't forget that the path of witchcraft is an ever-changing one, and that you don't have to be just a green witch or just a kitchen witch. With knowledge, education and respect, you can create a practice that uniquely reflects your heritage, outlook and magic.

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