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Playlists Inspired by Our Favorite Reads - Dispatch #1

Welcome to our wonderful first installment in a series of carefully crafted and curated playlists inspired by our favorite reads! As an avid reader obsessed with very specific aesthetics, I often create a playlist to listen to while reading the book, and a playlist to listen to after I've finished it and can't quite let go of the gorgeous world it's built for me.

With Spring blossoming and the air growing both warmer and wilder, I've begun to turn my mind once again to Circe by Madeline Miller. Many of us have experienced this tome of triumph, tradition, and thaumaturgy, but have you ever wondered what music would pair best with these brimming pages?

c i r c e (no. i): Mainly instrumental. A dream-wandering of seascapes and hunted forests both.

c i r c e (no. ii): The wild after. An homage to wild women and simmer-wild summers, dancing ecstatic in the moors.

If you've yet to discover Circe for yourself, all of our booksellers highly recommend it. $16.99 in hardcover

Happy listening, and happy reading!

- Monica