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Playlists Inspired by Our Favorite Reads - Dispatch #4

Welcome to our wonderful fourth installment in a series of carefully crafted and curated playlists inspired by our favorite books and authors! As an avid reader obsessed with very specific aesthetics, I absolutely delight in creating highly atmospheric playlists for the literary worlds I'm currently exploring, and I invite you to join me in the journey.

Today's picks are inspired by Dark Night Golden Dawn, a gorgeous new fantasy romance release by Allison Carr Waechter. Join us in a world of powerful magic and stunning setting with three new playlists!

dark night golden dawn: a journey through the world of Nuva Troi.

the monas: the krane family's rare book trade's soundtrack. fairytale classical with some hidden surprises.

harlow krane: the sorcière herself. a little bit vintage, a little bit strange, a little bit ironic in the way that Harlow herself would appreciate.

these playlists pair best with a reading of the book itself, which you can find online or in the shop!

Dark Night Golden Dawn: Paperback $15

Happy listening, and happy reading!

- Monica