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Stories & Scents: The Starless Sea

Have you ever wanted to live in the world an author has created for just a little bit longer? Well, you're in luck -- shop owner Victoria is almost as obsessed with indie perfume as she is with books. For part of her feral girl summer, she'll be figuring out what her favorite books smell like. Read on below to blend pages & perfumes!

THE STARLESS SEA is full of description; it nearly drips with it. Honey is of course the first scent that comes to mind -- but not gentle, jarred honey at a farmer's market. No, we're talking rich honey, overwhelming honey, honey so dark and thick it may drown you. Then there's the deep caverns, the scent of damp soil, of dust and a thousand years gone by. And of course, we can't forget the books. All the books you could imagine, rich with magic and lore, hidden behind magic, ever-changing doors. Snag the book here!

I think there's two options here. First is Alkemia's Sigil (olibanum frankinense, lignum aloes, bdellium, black honey, coffee beans and rituals herbs.) Strange, shimmering and a bit magical, Sigil is a nod to the deep history and ritual of the Library. The notes of coffee beans and ritual herbs are comforting and familiar, but the frankincense and black honey give warning to what lurks beneath. More details here! 

I consider Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's On Imagination (a vibrant, airy, uplifted amber with smoked vanilla and coconut, tuberose, orange blossom, wildflower honey, and sheer muska nice match, too. Consider this the scent of finally finding a door and walking through it to all the glory the Harbors hold. Vanilla pours out of the Kitchen while it prepares your first meal; the scent of honey drifts softly on the air. More details here!