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Witch's Way Craft Ethical Statement

The sourcing of crystals and other metaphysical wares is often murky at best or unethical at worst. Few long-time suppliers are willing to provide any meaningful information about where and how their crystals are sourced. We've chosen to work exclusively with Witch's Way Craft, a locally-owned business with a sharp focus on ethics. Please take a look at their statement below:

General Info:

Dearest spooklings, we are so happy that you have taken interest in Witch’s Way Craft. We are here to make your lives a little more magical. We are a woman-founded and veteran-owned small business based in Conshohocken PA, USA. From the beginning, our founder Lily vowed to bring only quality candles, crystals, and magickal tools into the shop. Every single item is hand selected by her. She only sources from mines and suppliers she finds to be ethically and environmentally sound. We source many materials for our handmade products right here in the USA! Even some of our gorgeous crystals come from the US! We source from many suppliers all around the world. 

Crystal Sourcing Consciousness, Ethics, and Sustainability:

Ethical sourcing of our products is a top priority for our shop. As a spiritualist, we understand that the energy of the earth and the wonders it creates are to be respected and honored. Our focus is on forming working relationships with all of our crystal suppliers to ensure that our crystals come from mines with safe conditions for workers and fair wages. The suppliers and factories we work with are environmentally and ethically conscious. They recycle water used in cutting and provide proper work environments for their staff. Witch’s Way Craft has even personally invested in a few of our suppliers' businesses to aid them in buying safer and more efficient tools, and to move their businesses to a better location. We personally select every crystal that comes into the shop and we truly believe in the magical healing energy that accompanies these crystals.

Candle Info:

For our candles, many of the materials such as the jars, lids, wax, and oils are all made right here in the USA. The soy for our wax is grown by American farmers! 

For our candles, we work with the safest available, non-toxic fragrance oils and exclude any fragrance oils that contain cancer-causing ingredients that require a Proposition 65 warning in California, as well as similar ingredients not on the Prop 65 list. Our candles are also 100% phthalate FREE.

All materials and supplies shipped for our candles are carbon offset in order to reduce our environmental impact. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Shipping Material & Other Info:

We reuse many of our shipping materials as our products come from all around the globe. We know everyone loves a nicely packed order with colorful confetti and paper, but we have decided to maximize our efforts to create as little waste as possible. Many boxes, bubble wrap, packaging paper and peanuts come from our own supply orders. All packages with peanuts in them are bio peanuts made from entirely renewable resources and are 100% bio-degradable and compostable. While we encourage customers to reuse the peanuts, if they do end up 'in the wild' they don't harm the environment. We were also happy to discover that our bio peanuts are not only good for the environment, they’re safe for pets too. 

Even many of the herbs for our spelled candles are grown in-house or are ethically sourced directly by our team from nature.

We encourage you to repurpose your candle jars/containers and reuse any boxes/materials you receive from us as well!

Volunteer Work & Donations:

Witch’s Way Craft strives to ensure every customer is 100% satisfied with their order from us and do our best to give back to the community. We use spare space in our home/offices to foster cats and volunteer with Project Meow, a local Philadelphia non profit cat rescue organization. We make a conscious effort to donate a portion of our proceeds to many causes.

Organizations we have donated to in 2020/2021:

Nation Coalition Against Domestic Violence
The Okra Project
The Sentencing Project
Batworld Sanctuary 
The Nature Conservancy
Give India
Red Rover
California Wildfire Relief
Color of Change
And many other social justice projects

Have a recommendation on where we should donate or volunteer? Email us at info@witchswaycraft.com