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Maiden to Mother: Unlocking Our Archetypal Journey into the Mature Feminine - Sarah Durham Wilson (Used)

Maiden to Mother: Unlocking Our Archetypal Journey into the Mature Feminine - Sarah Durham Wilson (Used)

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New release! An initiation into wholeness and power for any woman ready to live with authenticity, follow her own path, and feast on the richness of life.

The bridge from Maiden to Mother has been broken. When the goddess culture was stolen and buried, so too were women’s rites of passage, intuitive femininity, and access to their full power.

Now we live in a patriarchal society that infantilizes women, idolizing youthful traits such as beauty and innocence. As many women desperately try to maintain these girlish qualities on the outside, they effectively remain girls on the inside, unable to mature into the Mother archetype.

With A Life of Her Own, Sarah Durham Wilson rebuilds the bridge that has broken, guiding women through a sacred, ancient, and crucial initiation into their full feminine power.

Becoming the Mother is every woman’s birthright—regardless of whether or not she raises children. “The world needs its strong Mothers,” Wilson writes. “Let’s gather ourselves and answer our own cries, for only then can we answer the cries of our world.”

Through personal stories, rituals, teachings, and practices, Wilson helps women of all ages heal the Mother Wound and dismantle their internalized patriarchy with its false, constricting standards for the feminine. Then, working with the Heroine’s Journey and legendary goddesses such as Innana and Freya, she guides women back to wholeness.

Explore the radical truth that midlife is not, as our culture proposes, where a woman’s power ends—but where it really begins—with A Life of Her Own.

This is a used copy in very good condition, with very light general wear throughout.

By Sarah Durham Wilson. Hardcover. 216 pages. Published by Sound True, 2022.