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City Witchery - Lisa Marie Basile (Used)

City Witchery - Lisa Marie Basile (Used)

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City Witchery is an accessible, inclusive, and intuitive guide to making and finding magic as a city dweller, traveler, or someone living in a small apartment.

In this gorgeous book, author of Light Magic for Dark Times and The Magical Writing Grimoire, Lisa Marie Basile, shows how you can maintain a practical, potent, and poetic practice when nature, time, space, and resources are scarce.

City Witchery invites you to step into your own power through poetic writing prompts, reflections, and practical rituals—so that you can find the sacred in your city.

In these pages, you will:

— tap into your inner magic—within the context of a city environment or while traveling
— shadow work with your city
— tune into city astrology
— embrace the enchantment of city streets and the power of wandering
— honor the dead in your city through graveyard ritual
— make kitchen witchery and find ways to make your apartment magical
— disconnect from digital and sensory overload
— reframe city limitations to reveal potential and inspiration
— learn to tap into energies
— write magical poetry inspired by your city
— honor the people and cultures that came before you

From constructing portable or permanent altars and working with herbs in apartment magic to performing bibliomancy in your city library and working with nature and the moon in city spaces, City Witchery offers a new, attainable way to live intentionally in a city.

This is a used copy in very good condition, with minimal general wear across the front cover.

By Lisa Marie Basile. Paperback. 144 pages. Published by Becker Books, 2021.