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Bubble Chamber - Dave Kress (Used)

Bubble Chamber - Dave Kress (Used)

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The book BUBBLE CHAMBER is comprised of two complimentary novellas: Buda and Pest follows a group of Hungarian rebels through invasion and occupation, first by the Nazis and, later, the Soviets. Their story rides the fault lines of life and death, myth and history, peace and war, futures and pasts, folk wisdom and science, the hush of the unspeakable and the irresistible rummage for words equal to a thorny truth. Every juncture of this adventure compels the friends to broker yet another radical split. Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science re-imagines Martin Gardner's 1957 masterpiece of scientific skepticism as a murder mystery and narrative puzzle. A lab technician has been arrested for the murder of Muriel Arkade, Director of the Center for Applied Science and Engineering. But why did he do it? The answer may lie in his obsession not only with Arkade, but with a host of crackpot theories, from Dianetics to Lysenkoism to ufology to general semantics to... His colorful elaborations on these theories, which he uses to rationalize his heinous act, form part of an unpublishable annotated bibliography he calls Myth After All. But what is myth? What is all? 

This is a used copy in excellent condition with two dings to the spine.

By Dave Kress. Paperback. 364 pages. Published by Mammoth Books, 2019.