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Consorting with Spirits: Your Guide to Working with Invisible Allies - Jason G. Miller

Consorting with Spirits: Your Guide to Working with Invisible Allies - Jason G. Miller

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Spirits have power and knowledge. Learn how to summon, communicate, and negotiate with the unseen.

We are all spirits, and as such have the ability to communicate with other spirits. The physical body presents some limitations that can be overcome with training, but which can also be leveraged to give other spirits a link to the physical form that they seek. Working with spirits can enable your most powerful magickal goals. From calling on spirits to help with protection, money, and knowledge, the skills learned here will help you tap into power with your spirit allies.

Consorting with Spirits is a system of practices for training the mind and energy body on three abilities: The capacity to sense spirits, the capacity to interact with spirits, and the capacity to deepen and clarify that interaction. It is this deepening and clarifying that has been missing from much of the material about spirits.

Consorting with Spirits shares:
- Proper training necessary for calling and conversing with spirits.
- How to evaluate the messages you receive.
- A full view of different modes of contact and what situations each mode lends itself to
- Why the best sorcery is local.
- The tools to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with spirits (consorting).
- The 6 different manifestations of spirits and their corresponding magickal operations, qualities, benefits, and drawbacks.
- The 4 methods of interacting with spirits: prayer, conjuring, compelling, and evocation.

By Jason G. Miller. Paperback. 240 pages. Published by Weiser Books, 2022.