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Embassy of the Dead: Destiny Calling (Embassy of the Dead #3) - Will Mabbitt (Used)

Embassy of the Dead: Destiny Calling (Embassy of the Dead #3) - Will Mabbitt (Used)

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Destiny is calling—but does it have the right number? Jake and his friends are fated to save the Afterworld from a powerful demon in the third installment of this delightfully creepy series.

Jake Green and his friends have managed to save the world from the followers of Fenris twice now, which should be more than enough. But Jake, Cora, and Sab are suddenly given a new, secret mission. It seems one last would-be traitor is still hidden in the world of the Embassy, and it’s up to Jake and his friends to take care of him—permanently. All the signs point to Jake being the Chosen One for this dangerous task, especially since he’s armed with the ancient, Eternal Void–summoning tooth he found on his last trip to the Afterworld. But the more time the three friends spend on their dubious quest, the more Jake wonders if he’s better off making his own destiny. The latest adventure in this fast and funny series delivers plenty of chills, twists, and heart.

This is a used copy in good condition, with some light general wear throughout, including some wear to the dust jacket.

By Will Mabbitt. Hardcover, 240 pages. Ages 8-12. Published by Walker Books, 2022.