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Doctor Who: The Complete Guide - Mark Campbell (Used)

Doctor Who: The Complete Guide - Mark Campbell (Used)

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This book contains fully updated and revised exhaustive details on the Doctor's adventures in various media — including transmission dates, BBC archive, cast, crew, recording dates, film locations, Doctor Who Magazine index, DVD, CD and book availability, prècis, facts, and story summary:

# Television Programmes

# Audio Stories
LP recordings, radio programmes and Big Finish audio adventures

# Cinema Films
The two 1960s Dalek films from Aaru

# Comic Strips
Long-running adventures featuring all the Doctors from 1964 to the present

# Books
Literary outpourings from Virgin, the BBC and Telos

# Internet Webcasts
The new way of watching Doctor Who

# Stage Plays
Theatrical productions from 1965 to 1989

If you wanted to choose Doctor Who for your specialist subject as a competitor in Mastermind, this is the book that you would want to read from cover to cover. It is crammed with facts and figures that would enable you to answer the most obscure of questions. Did you know for example that the filming of Remembrance of the Daleks caused an IRA bomb alert? Had it ever crossed your mind that one of the props used in Dragonfire was in fact a dressed-up sex doll? That water-filled condoms were used as maggots in The Green Death? Or that the Welsh Assembly's First Minister was mistaken for an alien in The End of the World? Well, now you know — and didn't you always want to?

It has been suggested that leaving this book under your pillow at night will enable its content to filter through to your memory by a process similar to osmosis. This is uncertain, but you may find a crick in your neck in the morning.

What is certain, however, is that this book will enrich your appreciation of the quaintly British institution, that is the world of Doctor Who.

This is a used copy in good condition with moderate wear.

By Mark Campbell. Paperback. 272 pages. Published by Robinson Publishing, 2011.