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Foreverhaus - Kailey Tedesco

Foreverhaus - Kailey Tedesco

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New release! Local author & small press. “FOREVERHAUS, Kailey Tedesco’s timely examination of domesticity made macabre, conjures the architecture of a dwelling whose vestibules ail, its floorboards imbued with an intimacy matched by such exquisite details as “jadeite bowls” and “a suit of tooth-plaque.” Tedesco grants as much reign to Bloody Mary as she does to language steeped in beadwork of the afterlife. I marveled at ghostlore, cakerot, and “peppermint christ,” while connecting with a narrator who wants “so badly to look like i come from a place / of costumes.” Reading FOREVERHAUS is like attending a Halloween party thrown by Anne Sexton and grimoire’s best clairvoyant. A beautiful eeriness promenades the collection—from Bela Lugosi to Theda Bara, these poems are nostalgically embroidered. There’s even room for Zelda Rubinstein on the guestlist. “Gothic in stature,” Tedesco’s aesthetic makes a home. 

-Jon Riccio, Poetry Editor of Fairy Tale Review

Kailey Tedesco’s FOREVERHAUS transforms the body into house, each poem/spell a baroque door between our very human world and the otherworldly haunts of personal memory, familial understanding, and the faith and lore in all that lies between. Tedesco writes, “Once I was inside the / dark, I could experience everything fully”: FOREVERHAUS is a lyric, compassionate haunting that, with every sharp line, will spellbind you toward the glitter and wonderment found in horror.

-Carly Joy Miller, author of Ceremonial 

FOREVERHAUS is an immaculate cauldron—here a poet conjures and nests simultaneously, an expectant mother hurriedly preparing for her brood of ghosts. A stir-crazy seance, a haunting with cabin fever, this collection is Tedesco's most accomplished so far. Each word rings out like a dare on an autumn night: ring the doorbell to the haunted house—but take care, or you'll drown.”

-Victoria Mier, owner of The Spiral Bookcase

“From the moment I opened Kailey Tedesco’s latest collection, FOREVERHAUS, I knew I was entering an otherworldly place: the “candyhaus,” the “witchhaus,” the “forevereverhaus.” Weaving mystical language with pop-culture from the Jersey Shore, Tedesco creates and explores haunted spaces where she palps the edges of these “witch-shacks.” We ask who is alive, who is the ghost, who is the house? Tedesco tells us, “a ghost is the absence of something/that was once there,/sometimes i think i was born as the absence/of the absence.” The structures of the hauntings become possessed by the human occupant, “a house…gone humanoid.” It is this humanity that Tedesco conjures, “i’d like for my grave to be a dollhouse/replica of this memoryhaus i’m building….” Is it a house without a god? Is it a hated, adored, and temporal body, where “i can be the rest of the house, too…the house where the mother can rest?” Bravo, Kailey Tedesco, for leading us on this haunted journey!  

-Jennifer Martelli, author of My Tarantella and The Uncanny Valley

“If there is a ghost only half as beautiful as FOREVERHAUS, I want to know her and let her stay.”

-Arielle Tipa, author of Daughter-Seed (Empty Set Press, 2019)