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Herbal Tea Magic for the Modern Witch - Elsie Wild

Herbal Tea Magic for the Modern Witch - Elsie Wild

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New release! Dive into the world of green witchery and uncover the destiny at the bottom of your tea cup with spells, rituals, and divination.

This practical guide introduces you to the world of herbal magic, healing spells, and tea leaf divination. Packed with helpful information and rituals you can incorporate into daily life, Herbal Tea Magic for the Modern Witch is a must-have for fortune-tellers and aspiring witches alike. Inside you’ll find: 

A brief history of tea divination and herbalism
Information on different herbs and their magical properties
How to read tea leaves 
Herbal tea recipes 
And much more!

Flip to the handy symbol dictionary to easily divine your future, or find the perfect ritual for any event happening in your life. 
Herbal Tea Magic for the Modern Witch has all “the tea” on everyday magic. 

By Elsie Wild. Hardcover. 224 pages. Published by Ulysses Press, 2021.