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Marbling / Ex-Ossibus - Dani Tauber
Marbling / Ex-Ossibus - Dani Tauber

Marbling / Ex-Ossibus - Dani Tauber

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Small press! Victoria recommends! Two brand new chapbooks by Dani Tauber in one portable volume! Take a gander at marbling and you’ll surely get enough feels to flip this sucker over and start ex-ossibus right away. Or save it for later, whatever. You’re gonna wanna read both sides over and over anyway.

“In Marbling, Dani has allowed access.

The cavernous depths of her psyche splayed.

A deluge of trinkets. Small children breathe on these pages.

Disparate versions arrive tenderly, one after the other.

There is hatred, rot, despair, and hope all wrapped into

an absinthal parcel. Best read late at night while listening to

They’ll Clap When You’re Gone,’ by Chelsea Wolfe on repeat.”

By Dani Tauber. Paperback. 60 pages. Published by Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2022.