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Russian Black Magic - Natasha Helvin

Russian Black Magic - Natasha Helvin

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A rare look into the history, theory, and craft of the black mages and sorcerers of Russia.

• Examines practical rituals and spells, the demonic pantheon, places of power, offerings and sacrifices, Hell Icons, and instructions for cemetery magic

• Provides insight into the fundamental ideology of black magic practitioners, from the universal laws of magic to the principles of morality

• Details how the Russian practice of black magic preserved ancient pagan traditions and evolved as the antithesis of Christianity

Born in the Soviet Union and descended from a matrilineal line of witches, Natasha Helvin offers a rare look into the secret practices of Russian black magic, passed down from teacher to disciple for generations both orally and through their gri- moires bound in black. Drawing from her own experience, Helvin provides insight into the fundamental ideology of black magic practitioners, from the universal laws of magic to the principles of morality. She explains a mage’s view on fate and pre- destination, how the world was created, and their relationship with the demons that grant them their power. She examines the demonic pantheon as well as how a black sorcerer is able to influence the forces in the universe and pass on his or her powers and knowledge to further generations.

Exploring the history of occult practices in Russia, including how Christianity had a profound effect upon magic and witchcraft, Helvin shows how attempts to forc- ibly convert the Russian population to the Christian faith were widely resisted, and instead of these ancient pagan practices disappearing, they blended with Christian belief. Authorities repainted old pagan gods as demons in order to eradicate ancient traditions. Black magic became labelled as defiantly anti-Christian simply for pre- serving the old ways, and as a result, some branches of black magic evolved as a reaction against enforced Christianity and practitioners proudly accepted the label of “blasphemer” or “heretic.”

Through this book, readers can explore the Left-Hand path of Russian magic and its spells and rituals. The author explains about cemetery magic, sacrifices, the creation of Hell Icons, and places of power, such as crossroads, swamps, and abandoned villages, as well as the best times to practice black magic, how to choose the best grave for your spell, and how to summon demons. Providing many concrete examples of spells, Helvin demonstrates the broad range of what can be accomplished by those who practice the black arts, if they commit themselves to the craft.

Born in the Soviet Union, Natasha Helvin is an occultist, hereditary witch, and priestess in the Haitian Vodou tradition, as well as an avid scholar of other magical traditions. She learned the ancient secrets of magic and healing from her family and, as a child, often saw her grandmother and mother use magic in their everyday lives. A professional rootworker, spiritual coach, and author of Slavic Witchcraft, she lives in Georgia.

By Natasha Helvin. Paperback. 192 pages. Published by Destiny Books, 2019.

Victoria's note: proceed with caution on this one! No bibliography and some questionable content -- but the only book I know of in this category, so may be of interest to some occultists.