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Sea Smoke - Allison Carr Waetcher

Sea Smoke - Allison Carr Waetcher

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Return to Interra in this winter holiday-themed collection of eleven short stories from Allison Carr Waechter, author of Vessel of Starfire.

The winter solstice approaches, and much is amiss in Kilm. While Echo fights to wake from a magical coma, her friends and family encounter trouble of their own. Unsettled spirits, meddling gods, and portals to elsewhere mingle with sweet stories of love and hope in this collection of short stories.

Reacquaint yourself with your favorite characters from Vessel of Starfire, and meet new characters that will play a vital role in the series going forward. This collection does contain spoilers for Vessel of Starfire.

Now, with a bonus story, “Light of Love.”

By Allison Carr Waetcher. Paperback. 89 pages. Published 2021.