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Sensual Self: Prompts & Practices for Getting in Touch with Your Body - Ev'Yan Whitney

Sensual Self: Prompts & Practices for Getting in Touch with Your Body - Ev'Yan Whitney

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New release! Victoria recommends! A self-paced journal offering guidance to those seeking reconnection with their pleasure, featuring 150+ prompts to help readers define sensuality for themselves.

Pleasure transcends sexuality; Sensual Self is here to help you embrace it. This guided journal is a self-written manual for your unique sensuality. With interactive, thought-provoking questions, you'll be guided to map and explore the inner landscape of your body--the textures, shapes, tempos, and temperatures that bring you bliss.

Sensual Self allows ample room to record your process and express yourself, giving you space for intimate conversations with yourself surrounding your pleasure and desires. 150+ prompts and exercises will help you focus on grounding yourself, checking in with your mind and body, self-acceptance, self-care, and body consciousness--from "In what ways do you keep your sensuality hidden?" to "What does an enthusiastic 'yes!' feel like in your body?"

This journal is the culmination of Sexuality Doula(R) and sex educator Ev'Yan Whitney's body of work. Sensual Self fulfills their mission to liberate individuals by guiding them to rediscover their sensuality and explore their sexuality.

By Ev'Yan Whitney. Paperback diary. 176 pages. Published by Clarkson Potter, 2021.