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Slavonic Fairy Tales - John T. Naake

Slavonic Fairy Tales - John T. Naake

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Poland, Russia, Bohemia, and Servia have contributed stories to this little collection. It may be said that the Bohemian tales, perhaps through the genius of the poets who have preserved them, have, in their original form, more art, more grace, more completeness of outline, than the others. Those from Poland reflect the passive virtues and genial warmth of the peasants whose lives they illustrate. A greater simplicity, amounting even to childishness, will be found to characterize the Russian stories. Those from Servia are in some features unique, and may be found the most interesting of the series. The exalted imagination of the Servian race is allied with keen and homely sense, and their vigorous and beautiful romances called forth the admiration of Goethe. It is hoped that these varied characteristics may not wholly have evaporated in translation. (From the Preface.)

This delightful book contains forty tales from the Slavonic lands, entitled as follows:

Carried Away by the Wind
Why is the Sole of Man’s Foot Uneven?
The Snow-Child
The Demon’s Dance
The Plague-Omen
Story of Gol Voyansky
Lidushka and the Water Demon’s Wife
The Hare’s Heart
The Wonderful Hair
Story of Vasilisa with the Golden Tress,and of Ivan the Pea
The Emperor Trojan’s Goat’s Ears
The Language of Animals
The Evil Eye
Huntsman the Unlucky
How to Choose a Wife
The Plague
Golden Hair
The Plague and the Peasant
Handicraft above Everything
Ivan Kruchina
Right and Wrong
Yanechek and the Water Demon
Spirit Treasures
Just Earnings are Never Lost
Story of Little Simpleton
The Maiden who was Swifterthan the Horse
The Book of Magic
The Wise Judgment
The Maiden who was Wiserthan the King
The Long-desired Child
The Wicked Wood-Fays
The Wonderful Bird
Wisdom and Fortune
The Three Brothers
The Brownie, or House Spirit
All about Twopence

By John T. Naake. Paperback. 182 pages. Published by Owlfoot Press, 2018.