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The Union Jack - Imre Kertész (Used)

The Union Jack - Imre Kertész (Used)

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A haunting, never-before-translated, autobiographical novella by the 2002 Nobel Prize winner.

An unnamed narrator recounts a simple anecdote, his sighting of the Union Jack—the British Flag—during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, in the few days preceding the uprising's brutal repression by the Soviet army. In the telling, partly a digressive meditation on "the absurd order of chance," he recalls his youthful self, and the epiphanies of his intellectual and spiritual awakening—an awakening to a kind of radical subjectivity.

This is a used copy in very good condition, with no visible wear.

By Imre Kertész. Paperback. 80 pages. Published by Melville House, 2010.