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Water is a sign of the dreamy, the tides of empathetic heartbeats in an ocean of possibilities. It is a soothing caress of artists, poets, & healers in its current.

Water is an intricate web of molecules, moving so fast, we cannot comprehend its true movement, merely feel its malleable silk. Water springs with life, as it courses through the veins & in the bellies of the Earth & its inhabitants. We are made up of mostly water, connecting us to the full bodies of water surrounding us; the expanse of Poseidon’s oceans, the length of Danu’s rivers, & the tumultuous deltas & swamps, even into our own backyards.  It is the element that we connect with to make us full, imploring us with growth & emitting emotion from us.

Water is that which purifies us, cleanses the darkest reaches of our bodies & spirits, the crystalline that shrouds us with protection. Water keeps us moving forward, wandering the mysteries of its great expanse. It is both life-giving to the desiccate & most dangerous to the lands. It bursts, it floods, it infiltrates our neighborhoods & homes. Water falls, it recedes, it freezes time in its place.

Water holds the memories of what was & what will be.

Authors: Jessie Caitlin Bullard, Amanda Chiado, Sharon Coleman, Kelly Corinda, Emily Corwin, Andrea Janelle Dickens, Kelly Egan, Mark Faunlagui, Ellen Huang, Catherine Kyle, Kristin LaFollette, Mark Lamoureux, Julia Laxer, Jennifer Martelli, James Meetze, Karla Linn Merrifield, Richard Oyama, Monique Quintana, Lisa Stice, Hanna Tawater, & Sara Wilson.

Paperback. 62 pages. Published by White Stag Publishing, 2020.