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Wicca Practical Magic - Patti Wigington (Used)

Wicca Practical Magic - Patti Wigington (Used)

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The practical way to deepen your Wicca practice.

Wicca is all about deepening your connection to the natural world—and anyone can learn how to practice. Wicca Practical Magic empowers you with the information and tools you need to explore the day-to-day applications of your spirituality.

Wicca Practical Magic helps you develop your daily practice with spells and rituals using herbs, oils, and crystals. Whether you’re working for healing, love, prosperity, or to develop your own intuition, you’ll learn which ingredients you need to manifest the magic.

Wicca Practical Magic includes:

A Complete Introduction—Learn everything you need to know about the history, deities, elements, and astronomy behind Wicca. A Toolkit—Start practicing Wiccan rituals with herbs, plants, candles, crystals, stones, and essential oils. 30 Classic Wicca Spells—Cast banishment or protection spells, love charms, and so much more.

“An it harm none, do what ye will.” Honor the words of the Wiccan Rede as you hone your craft with Wicca Practical Magic.

This is a used copy in very good condition; looks new except for name and date inscribed on front end paper.

By Patti Wigington. Hardcover. 200 pages. Published by Althea Press, 2017.