Working Conjure - Hoodoo Sen Moise

Working Conjure - Hoodoo Sen Moise

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Conjure, also known as Hoodoo or Rootwork, is an old, powerful, and increasingly popular system of North American folk magic. Conjure's roots derive primarily from West and Central African spiritual traditions, but it has also been influenced by Christianity, Jewish mysticism, and Native American practices.

Hoodoo Sen Moise has been studying this tradition and working with Conjure for over 35 years. Here in Working Conjure, he explores Conjure's history, principles, fundamentals, and ethics, while simultaneously providing a practical how-to guide to actually "working" Conjure and making Conjure work for you.

This book explores the primary materials of Conjure, features spells, rituals, and workings for various purposes, and guides readers to learn how to bring this profound school of magic to life.

Paperback, 208 pages, published 2018 by Weiser Books.