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Wyrd & Wyse: Issue the Fifth

Wyrd & Wyse: Issue the Fifth

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In recent history, a movement to reclaim the story of the occultist and witch has come in and out of vogue. Often this means making the witch good, beautiful, or somehow more palatable to the general public. Watered-down retellings fill this space with stories of kindly witches, beautiful witches, and witches none need be afraid of. We don’t hate these depictions, but they’ve grown more normative over time, and trend upon “witchy” trend enforces them.

We are not interested in replicating trends or catering to the masses.

Our fifth issue explores new lore surrounding witches. Whether it’s looking at Baba Yaga from another angle, reframing the way we view the witch as a villain, or imagining alternate realities for witches to operate in, WITCHLORE examines what it means to be a witch. from a variety of angles.

Grab a cuppa and enjoy stories, poetry, and art that feels old but new, embracing all that walk within the shadows.

Enjoy the fruits of our labor. Buy WITCHLORE today.

Our contributors for Issue the Fifth include: Ashley Nunez, Josie Adams, Sarah Guthu, Sparrow Spite, Sara McCormick, Amanda Ross, Nicole Colinarez, Matthew Spencer, Ashly Kim, Brandi Batley, Ainsley Louie-Suntjens, Ronin Moore, Mabel Darling, Charlotte Gutzmer, Cassandra Solon Parry, Sacred Cuts, Laura Tempest Zakroff, Brooke Welty, Sara Cleto & Brittany Warman.

About the magazine: Wyrd & Wyse exists to publish the words and art of the hedgeriders, the ones who walk between. Wyrd & Wyse honors the strange, the medial, the dark, and the mundane. 

We are a volunteer-run organization that operates on a profit-share model. This means that for every issue or anthology we produce, the collaborators share in the profits equally— as well, we make a one-time donation to a small organization of our choice for each issue of Wyrd & Wyse we publish.

By Wyrd & Wyse, various contributors. Paperback. 76 pages. Large format (US letter size), glossy pages. Published 2021.