Closure FAQs & Info

Closure FAQs & Info

I've attempted to round up answers to all the information you may have about the closure of our brick & mortar. See below for all the details, but let me know if you have any additional questions! Be sure to see our closing statement as well.


  • This is a transition, not a closure. And though much is yet to be determined, and I’ll need a good, long rest first before diving back in, Spiral is not over.

  • If there was an opportunity for Spiral to maintain a physical presence with different operators who would still require COVID safety protocols to continue a sense of safety for our community, I would’ve seriously considered that opportunity.

  • The solution to the existential issues the shop faces is not disregarding disabled people. The issue is the pandemic, and I have no control over it (try as I might.)


  • The shop will continue to operate as normal until December 23.
  • After the shop closes for the last time on December 23, I’m happy to facilitate a little outdoor get-together in Pretzel Park if this would bring you some closure and comfort. Of course, it would be weather dependent! 
  • We will not be continuing the lease on the space and will move out shortly after the shop’s closure. I have no control over who obtains the space next. any commercial inquiries about the space should be directed to the owners of the property. I imagine the space will be listed on the majority of commercial real estate focused websites. 


  • I’m working toward Spiral’s reincarnation being something less consumerist and transactional. In that vein, please don’t expect a full online shop to be available immediately. 
  • As of right now, I intend to maintain the website so you’ll have access to all our blog posts, and I’ll use it as a hub for the Selkie Book Club. I’ll likely have our merch listed and any remaining book stock, but I don’t expect to be stocking new releases every week or having nearly as large a catalog as before.


  • The last day I’ll be accepting trades is November 1, 2023. This deadline gives me time to review your books, and time for you to spend your trade credit. 
  • Please consider spending your trade credit by December 23, 2023! Though the future is flexible and still being determined, it is easier for my sanity if you consider your trade credit defunct when the physical shop closes. Of course, as long as an online shop exists, you can use your trade credit on any books listed there. Just keep in mind inventory will be limited, though I can still special order whatever you'd like.


  • I encourage you to spend them (again, for my sanity) but because there will be some degree of an online shop maintained, you’ll still be able to use them there. Gift cards can be applied to all products, including Selkie entry! Just keep in mind that book inventory will be limited. 


  • All special orders will operate as usual until December 2, 2023. That date will be the last day to special order books from Spiral to ensure all titles arrive before the brick & mortar’s closure.
  • After December 2, 2023, all special orders will be processed as Direct to Home orders via our distributor. This means we can still take special orders, but they'll ship directly to you from our distributor. Shipping costs are $6.50 for insured Media Mail. 


  • I can happily accept pre-orders for not-yet-released books with a release date no later than December 12, 2023. All other pickup pre-orders I take between now and the shop’s closure need to be released before our doors close, OR be shipped directly to your home.
  • Some of you have existing pre-orders with release dates that fall after the shop’s closure. I can honor those orders using Ingram’s Direct-to-Home function, which allows me to ship your order directly to your home. 


  • I will no longer be accepting new consignors as of 9/25/2023.
  • Current consignors are welcome to stay with us just as long as you’d like, and introduce any new items for the holiday season! Please be sure to pick up or arrange shipping with me for any remaining items by December 2, 2023. I’ll be reaching out to consignors via email as well with this information.


  • Spiral’s adult fiction book club will continue! For the October, November and December meetings, please purchase the corresponding month’s title from our shop, another indie bookstore, or our LibroFM page for entry. 
  • After the physical shop closes, Selkie will operate on a ticketed basis. Though I’m still determining the best price, expect a sliding scale of approximately $5-15. You’ll be able to pick up each month’s book wherever you’d like, and simply purchase a ticket on our website to join. 


  • I’ve experienced an uptick in folks I have no existing relationship with asking if they can “pick my brain” about the independent bookstore business. I don’t believe in gatekeeping knowledge, and I would love for folks to not struggle through the things I have with this business.
  • That said, requests from people who I have no existing relationship with to “pick my brain” make me feel like a resource and not a human being. I am one person, and I am not available for free business advice if we’ve never even had a conversation before. I feel as though I’ve been pretty transparent about the past few months here at Spiral, and I think it would be evident I am not having a good time. Please do not add to that.
  • However, queer, disabled and/or BIPOC prospective or current bookshop owners are always welcome to anything I can offer. It’s helpful if you reach out with a specific question, like “what’s your process for pre-orders?” or “can you boost my fundraising campaign?” or “how do you run your book club?” But if you fall under the umbrella of these identities, we’re in this together, and I would love to assist in any little way I can.


  • As I’ve stated, I feel that Spiral needs to lie fallow, and I need rest, in order to determine what the future will be. As such, following the brick & mortar’s closure, I will keep this account active, and you’ll still have access to all our content, but I will not continue to post here very much.
  • However, I will be more active over at Selkie! I’ll post about each month’s book, and this is likely where I’ll post any book-related content. Ideally, I think I’d like to share with you what releases I’m excited about each week, backlist favorites, and pretty quotes from Selkie picks. 
  • I want to be considerate of the information I share since so much is still being determined, but: Selkie is the grit I would like to build the pearl of Spiral’s future around. 


  • Did I miss something? Send me an email!
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