About Us

Founded 12 years ago, The Spiral Bookcase is more an idea than anything else. It's a small ripple in reality where nothing is what it seems. Like its founders & its customers, Spiral thrives on all things strange and unusual, whether that's stories from just off the beaten path or tales told from the clutches of otherworldly creatures. Spiral believes in the power of the story to transform and the fairytale to heal. Form and shape of these stories matter less than intention and content, and we aim to support voices that have been marginalized by the publishing industry. 

We consider Spiral a virtual haven for those with stranger souls and wilder minds. All spaces we invite our community into are safe and supportive. The Spiral Bookcase does not tolerate racism, sexism, classism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia or othering of any kind. Kindly keep your distance if your beliefs align with harming, oppressing and marginalizing others, or let us recommend you a book to open your horizons a bit. 

At The Spiral Bookcase, we aim to be an active, uplifting member of the community. To help do so, we offer books on wellness, sociology and witchcraft on a sliding scale of cost to the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & people of color) members of our community. Folks can name their price from $0 to the wholesale cost of the book at checkout and pay what they wish. At this time, we do offer this sliding scale in-store only to continue this practice sustainably and impact our local community the most directly, but we recognize not everyone is able to physically visit the shop. If you or someone you know is rooted in the neighborhoods surrounding the shop and would enjoy some books, please email us at spiralbookcase@gmail.com and we’ll work it out!

Additionally, we make donations and contribute to mutual aid + reparations as frequently as we can in the form of books and monetary funds. Here are some of the organizations we donate to:

Books Through Bars

Feminist Press

Mutual Aid Philly

Philadelphia Community Bail Out Fund

Coalition for Black Trans Economic Liberation

Lenape Nation


Housing Reparations Philly