About Us

Founded 9 years ago, The Spiral Bookcase is more an idea than anything else. It's a small ripple in reality where nothing is what it seems. Like its founders & its customers, Spiral thrives on all things strange and unusual, whether that's stories from just off the beaten path or tales told from the clutches of otherworldly creatures. Spiral believes in the power of the story to transform and the fairytale to heal. Form and shape of these stories matter less than intention and content, and we aim to support lesser-heard and marginalized voices whenever we can. Within the tiny, warm confines of our little shop, you'll always find your next daring literary adventure. We invite you to stop by, put the kettle on and curl up with Calliope, our bookstore cat, and let us tell you a story. We promise it will be strange. 

Our staff consists of:
Ann - our fearless founder, leader & momma witch
Victoria - our shop manager, wordsmith & Celtic sorceress
Betz - our inventory manager, librarian extraordinaire & classics lover
Tammy - our bookseller, resident musician & brilliant philosopher
Alyssa - our bookseller, artist-in-residence & lover of all things wild & beautiful
Calliope - our bookstore cat who may believe she is in charge of the whole operation

The Spiral Bookcase hosts a number of events and partners with some wonderful Philadelphia creators. Please visit our "Events" page to learn more. 

The Spiral Bookcase is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Manayunk, Philadelphia at 112 Cotton Street (corner of Cresson & Cotton.) We are accessible via SEPTA Regional Rail & Bus, as well as by car, foot and unicorn.