Summertime Hysteria Reads

Summertime Hysteria Reads

As a treat this summer, go a little insane. These books will help you. 

RIPE by Sarah Rose Etter - speculative literary fiction examination of late-stage capitalism and classism; gorgeous, shattering and visceral.  paperback | audiobook

THAT TIME I GOT DRUNK AND SAVED A DEMON by Kimberly Lemming - hilarious and absolutely bonkers high fantasy romance with lots of high heat. paperback | audiobook

WEYWARD by Emilia Hart - darkly shimmering speculative fiction tale of three generations of women, and what it takes to survive in a world made by men. paperback | audiobook

COME OUT COME OUT by Alexia Onyx - completely unhinged, richly written dark romance-horror with lots of lovely queer rep. paperback

GUNK BABY by JAMIE MARINA LAU - surrealist literary fiction take-down of classism and capitalism, sprinkled with lots of black humor. paperback | audiobook

MORNING GLORY MILKING FARM by C.M. Nacosta - a delightfully absurd fantasy-romance filled with a fun plot and delicious, steamy smut. paperback | audiobook

A DOOR BEHIND A DOOR by Yelena Moskovich - I still literally don't know what the fuck happened to me when I read this book, but I loved it. paperback 

BUTCHER & BLACKBIRD by Brynne Weaver - a twisted and darkly fun serial killer romance. Yes, you read that correctly. paperback 

SEVERANCE by Ling Ma - gloriously strange coming-of-age tale that investigates routines and our devotion to meaningless work. paperback | audiobook

THE DRAGON'S BRIDE by Katee Robert - another high-heat, fast-paced romantasy from one of the genre's reining queens, because there wasn't enough monster-fucking on this list. paperback | audiobook


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