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Bookworm Blog

  • Which Traditions Should I Practice?

    Here at The Spiral Bookcase, we do our best to stock excellent, thorough books on a wide range of traditions that fall under the umbrella of witchc...
  • Books for Green Witchcraft

    There are many (endless, perhaps) paths and modes of witchcraft, all just as valid, powerful and magical as the last. This beautiful vastness is wh...
  • Behind the Sky: Stories That Transcend

    Tales for those who want to pull back the curtain and find the places where reality has worn itself thin.
  • Storefront Update

    A note on the closure of the storefront, private appointments and more!
  • Local Bookworms: Jenny Delacruz

    In this feature, we chat with local author and publishing CEO, Jenny Delacruz!
  • Big News! A Note From Ann & Adam

    Passing the Spiral torch.
  • Local Bookworms: Kailey Tedesco

    Welcome to our little blog feature, Local Bookworms. Featuring readers, writers and other strange souls from our community here at The Spiral Bookc...
  • Seven Books for the Beginner Witch

    It's a question we get all the time here at the shop -- folks are just beginning their foray into spirituality, witchcraft and the occult, and they...
  • Local Bookworms: Daniel DiFranco

    Welcome to the first edition of our new feature, Local Bookworms. Featuring readers, writers and other strange souls from our community here at The...
  • Ann's Quarantine Reads

    Trying to decide which book to read next during these strange days? Take a peek at shop owner Ann's recommendations, all certified to be beautiful,...
  • Calliope's Story

    How Calliope came to rule over our little bookshop.
  • Welcome to the Spiral

    The Spiral Bookcase began in 2010, just as summer sank its hot teeth into Philadelphia. From the beginning, The Spiral Bookcase has been more of an...