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Beyond the Aching Door (Fatebound Duology #1) - Victoria Mier *SIGNED*

Beyond the Aching Door (Fatebound Duology #1) - Victoria Mier *SIGNED*

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Signed hardcover! Features a dust jacket & case laminate design by Robert Kraiza, as well as title page and chapter header art by Rachael Ward. Personalization may be requested in the order comments or via email to spiralbookcase(at)gmail(dot)com; make sure to reference your order number. 

A mortal journalist. A mysterious series of drownings. An exiled Fey king. A forgotten Fatesong. A single, desperate chance to save magic from extinction.

All Raegan Maeve Overhill wants is to survive another October. It's the anniversary of the worst thing that ever happened to her: the unsolved disappearance of her father nearly two decades ago. But when mysterious drownings grip the city of Philadelphia, Raegan sets her mourning rituals aside for a career-making opportunity to lead her newspaper's investigation.

Her hunt for answers takes her to the city's shadowy places where magical beings appear in puddles, the Fair Folk offer bargains, and magic is very, very real. When Raegan uncovers a startling connection to her father’s disappearance, she knows she can’t just return to her normal life without discovering the truth. To get it, though, she’ll need to make a deal with the dark, deadly and alluring Unseelie King—and do her best to ignore their dangerous attraction to one another.

Inspired by Welsh mythology, Slavic folklore and Arthurian legend, 
Beyond the Aching Door is an adult urban fantasy romance for fans of A Discovery of Witches and Dark Night, Golden Dawn. This spicy fae romantic fantasy is intended for readers 18+.

Content warnings: grief, off-page murder of homeless/houseless people, missing/presumed dead father, depiction of inpatient hospitalization, brief, non-gory violence, suicidal ideation, descriptions of sexual desire, and one on-page sexual encounter focused on feelings/sensuality

By Victoria Mier. Hardcover. 494 pages. Published March 26, 2024.

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