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Daughter of Winter (Daughter of Winter #1) - Corina Douglas *USED*

Daughter of Winter (Daughter of Winter #1) - Corina Douglas *USED*

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Marked by an ancient prophecy wielded by the gods.
Shackled to a dark, enigmatic stranger.
And prey to a powerful adversary seeking vengeance.

Her life will never be the same again . . .

Intrigue and danger enter Brydie MacKay's life when Gage walks into her carefully controlled world. He brings news that her grandmother has died, and as her last living relative, Brydie has inherited her estate and must travel to Scotland to accept her legacy and all it entails.

Brydie doesn't want the inheritance, not after the way she was treated, and when a series of actions unfold that illustrate her 'legacy' is not just a physical entity but a turbulent birthright proclaiming she is the descendant of the Celtic winter goddess, Cailleach Bheur, she tries to run.

But Gage won't take no for an answer. He has his own role to fulfil and will do whatever it takes to ensure Brydie returns to Scotland with him—even if that means taking her against her will.

Daughter of Winter is the first book in a dark fantasy romance series based on the myths and legends of the Celtic winter goddess, Cailleach Bheur. Featuring dark magic, druids, fae, selkies, mythical creatures, and a morally grey hero with an enemies-to-lovers romance, it is perfect for fans of From Blood and Ash, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and the Fever series.

This is a used copy in very good condition with light wear.

By Corina Douglas. Paperback. 266 pages. Published 2023.

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