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The Memory Curse (The Lost God #2) - Sheila Masterson *SIGNED*

The Memory Curse (The Lost God #2) - Sheila Masterson *SIGNED*

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Signed! Local author. A goddess afraid of her magic. A prince without a kingdom. A guardian with an immortal charge.

Cecilia is mired in grief. Haunted by the lives she took when fighting the god of war and the price she paid to take them, Cecilia knows winning one battle has only postponed the greater war.

A terrifying new power burns through her blood. Rainer’s heart-wrenching confession has her torn between old love for him and new love for Xander. Meanwhile, the enemy is regrouping with the enigmatic trickster god, Cato, at the helm—and Cecilia owes him a favor.

When the Argarian Army attacks and Cato kidnaps Xander, Cecilia turns to her godly half-siblings for aid. But the gods seem more interested in playing games than saving the realm. To rescue Xander, Cecilia must root out Cato’s weakness by diving deep into the gods’ world of favors, completing their tasks, and untangling their riddles before Cato collects on the debt he’s owed.

Perfect for fans of the adventure and romance in Jennifer Armentrout's From Blood and Ash and the political intrigue of Danielle Jensen's The Bridge Kingdom, THE MEMORY CURSE continues to examine how memories bind people together and tear them apart.

By Sheila Masterson. Paperback. 480 pages. Published 2023.

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