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Unholy Terrors - Lyndall Clipstone *SIGNED BOOKPLATE*

Unholy Terrors - Lyndall Clipstone *SIGNED BOOKPLATE*

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Comes with a hand-signed bookplate. Victoria recommends! Everline Blackthorn has devoted her life to the wardens — necromantic warriors who guard against unholy monsters known as the vespertine. Everline is desperate to prove herself, but unlike other wardens, she is unable to wield magic.

When a series of strange omens occur, Everline disobeys orders sneaks out from the enclave to investigate, desperate for answers about her birth—and her mother’s death.

On the dangerous moorland, Everline uncovers a startling truth in the form of Ravel Severin: a rogue vespertine who reveals the monsters have secrets of their own. Everline knows she is sworn to kill Ravel, but when she realises the answers to her past lie at the heart of the Thousandfold—the vespertine enclave protected by powerful magic—she makes the dangerous choice to ask for his help instead.

Ravel promises to get her the answers she needs, but he demands a price. Vespertine magic requires blood, and if Everline wants Ravel to act as her guide, she will have to allow him to feed from her.

It’s a sin for a warden to feed a vespertine— let alone love one— and when their mutual dislike turns to attraction, Everline is torn between her vows and her heart. As she and Ravel travel further across the moorland, Everline realizes the question isn’t whether she will survive the journey, but if she will return unchanged...

By Lyndall Clipstone. Hardcover. 384 pages. Ages 14-18. Published by Henry Holt Co., 2023.

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